7 Quick Takes — 7 Kind Things to do for Your Coworkers [vol.14]

7QT hosted by This Ain't The Lyceum

One of my favorite pastimes is to surprise coworkers (especially the cranky or unfriendly ones!) with random acts of kindness every now and then.  I have done this ever since I worked at my first job, and I always love seeing people’s reactions and making them feel special.  So, I was gonna write this long, well-thought out post with ideas for doing nice things for coworkers.  And I wrote it. Problem is, it came across all sanctimonious and well…if I had read it on the internet, I’d have wanted to slap the author.  I realized I just so happened to have seven ideas to share, so I took out all the mushy and preachy stuff, condensed some ideas, and POOF!  The 7QT post for this week!

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