Another blog about Mommyhood?

I love blogs.  I especially love blogs that have anything to do with Catholicism, mommyhood, the “real food” revolution, health, crafting, sewing, cooking, photography, family life, being a wife, and steady doses of humor (though not necessarily in that order.)  As it so happens, I also love writing.  As an occasional freelancer, I’ve written a few articles and blog posts for a local magazine. For a while now, I’ve had a hard time searching for a blog that fits me as a whole.  Face it, not many Catholic working moms have time to blog, right?  Well, that’s been my excuse for four years. A dear friend of mine has suggested for years I start a blog, and after off-and-on prayer and not a small amount of trepidation, I’ve decided to take the plunge!

Alright, so who am I?  Cajuntexasmom, a twentysomething married mom of four young children.  Elizabeth is 7, Marie is 5, HH is 3 and Therese is 2 (names have been changed to protect the mostly innocent.)  I am married to Superman.  We are a non-traditional family in that I am the breadwinner and he is a stay at home Dad (SAHD.)  Also, we’re on an eventful spiritual journey together — he was Baptized in the Catholic faith last spring, and I am a cradle Catholic.

We live in a suburb of Houston, TX.  Our finances are tight but not a stranglehold, our home is snug but not unbearable, and our faith is strong but not perfect.  I’m a “practicing” Catholic and as such, I’m a work in progress, saint-in-the-making who is fiercely loyal to the Magisterium, a Divine Mercy devotee, and completely captivated by the beauty of the Eucharist.

That about does it for a first post.  My toilets need scrubbing.  Welcome to the blog of a work-outside-the-home Catholic mom!  You can also follow me on Twitter @cajuntexasmom.