7 Quick Takes — Thanksgiving 2014 Edition [vol.12]


In the spirit of giving thanks, and in no particular order, here are seven blessings I’m particularly grateful for this Thanksgiving!wpid-textgram_1417149047.png

— 1 —

My husband
For a man who has endured much, worked hard, and grown closer to our Lord in the last year, all while having to put up with his pain in the you-know-what wife…dear God, I thank you!

— 2 —

My babies
For my quirky, funny, and loving children, through whom I see the goodness and delight of our Creator…dear God, I thank you!

— 3 —

Our home
For our rental home in an older neighborhood, on an ethnically diverse street, with neighbors of all ages, and a beautiful deck out back under wonderfully mature trees…dear God, I thank you!

— 4 —

My Parents
For the selfless people who gave me life; raised me in the beauty of the Faith; taught me to cook, clean, and sew; demonstrated a love of neighbor regardless of race or creed; and who have lovingly supported me, even when I was a bonehead…dear God, I thank you!

— 5 —

My Faith
For a strong, rich Faith heritage rooted in 2000 years of Tradition and Truth, which I am privileged to pass on to my children…dear God, I thank you!

— 6 —

Our Military
For the selfless men and women who are spending this holiday away from their families and friends, and for those who have paid the ultimate price so that I may continue to live in peace – for them and their loved ones…dear God, I thank you!

— 7 —

Edifying Friendships
For friendships old and new, virtual and physical, which edify and strengthen me in my roles as wife, mother, sister, cousin, daughter, and child of God; for friendships that have grown richer and deeper with the passage of time; for newer friends, especially those whom I’ve met in real life after years of them living in my computer; for the knowledge that my soul is strengthened by the bonds of their love…dear God, I thank you!
God bless you and your loved ones this lovely week, and always.  Be assured of my prayers for you!

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Little Bit O’ Lagniappe [vol. 3]

As I write this, we’re “eastbound and down” on I-10 headed from Houston to New Orleans for the Thanksgiving holiday. I cannot be responsible if the thoughts recorded herein lack organization – I just had a stuffed bear thrown at my head and I am getting real sick of hearing the phrase “I want another snack.”  Oh, and the youngest is licking her arm, so….yeah.

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