12 in 2014: A Revue

Here we are – NYE of 2014!  “Another year over, a new one just begun!” I’m linking up today with Dwija at House Unseen to review 12 photos from our 2014 here at Cajuntexasmom’s Chateau.  Stroll with me as we remember the last year and toast to the new one!


January was quiet and unseasonably cold, with two ice storms and weather we don’t usually see here in the Gulf South.  Naturally, since the skies threatened to snow, the kids had a few unexpected days off of school.  St. Sebastian selected us (the saint chooses you!) as his family for our 3rd annual patron saint selection tradition.  2014 was the year I decided not to make new year’s resolutions, and instead to select a word that I would focus on for the year. My word was “Quiet.”  I resolved to make quiet time for myself, and to be more mindful of noise in general, both literally and figuratively. The photo is from my first sewing project of the year, created during the kids’ naptime, while I savored the peace of the simple hum of the sewing machine.  I’d say that largely, my year of “Quiet” was successful.  The biggest change for this girl has been that I spend my drive time in silence now, praying the Rosary or just contemplating things, versus my lifelong habit of climbing into the car and firing up the radio.  What a difference the silence makes for my mental well-being!  (I still crank up the Elton John or Pat Green on occasion, though!)

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Little Bit O’ Lagniappe [vol. 3]

As I write this, we’re “eastbound and down” on I-10 headed from Houston to New Orleans for the Thanksgiving holiday. I cannot be responsible if the thoughts recorded herein lack organization – I just had a stuffed bear thrown at my head and I am getting real sick of hearing the phrase “I want another snack.”  Oh, and the youngest is licking her arm, so….yeah.

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7 Quick Takes — Weddings and Almshouses [vol. 7]

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As I write this, I’m sitting at a gate at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston waiting on my delayed flight to Maryland to see my sweet cousin get married.  I am super excited about the weekend, so much so that I’m not really worried about the fact that my flight is running 30 minutes late (so far) and that yesterday was Sept 11th. Continue reading

Little Bit O’ Lagniappe** [vol 1]

**In Cajun French, “lagniappe” (pronounced ‘lan-yap’)  is a term that means “a little something extra,” or a happy surprise. From time to time, I will write a post that has a bunch of little thoughts all captured in once place; a veritable “snapshot” of my life in the moment. Hopefully, something in the mix catches your eye and you can take a little “lagniappe” with you to brighten your day!
Natural Beauty
I visited London in May, and I keep thinking of the way the sun hit Big Ben just right when I stepped above ground after coming from the Tube. About how it glistened with a brilliant golden, the crisp wind as it smacked my face after emerging from the humid tunnel, and the absolute beauty of seeing God’s glorious sunlight illuminating the clock tower and making it resplendent as it reflected the glow. wpid-20140511_103230.jpg

This is how God illuminates us, yes? He takes our actions, our love, and He emblazons it for the world to behold, that “they will know we are Christians by our love.” Breathtaking.

Soundtack of my life
Silence. My word for 2014, selected in the bleakness of January after the chaos of the holidays, is “quiet.” I am soaking in this quiet while Superman works on Trigonometry homework and the kids go to sleep for the night.

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