Little Bit O’ Lagniappe [vol. 3]

As I write this, we’re “eastbound and down” on I-10 headed from Houston to New Orleans for the Thanksgiving holiday. I cannot be responsible if the thoughts recorded herein lack organization – I just had a stuffed bear thrown at my head and I am getting real sick of hearing the phrase “I want another snack.”  Oh, and the youngest is licking her arm, so….yeah.

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7 Quick Takes — Back to School, Road Trips, and Cheap Sunglasses [vol. 6]


I know it seems as though I have completely fallen off the planet, and/or decided that I would abandon my fledgling little blog.  Take heart!  Such is not the case.  The past few weeks have seen me travelling over 2800 miles to help two siblings get settled in at college, along with our own special little Back to School challenges here at my own home.  If I were a more experienced, better organized blogger, I would’ve navigated this craziness by having a few “back burner” posts just hanging out and waiting for me to hit “publish.”  Alas, I didn’t think of this little trick until like, yesterday, so it was a little late to plan for the already-over hiatus. C’est la vie! Continue reading