Bold. Permanent. Indelible. – Harvey Makes His Mark

My mailbox on the 28th of August, 2017.

Funny thing about Sharpie markers. On their website, the product description offers its use for “paper, plastic, metal, and most other surfaces.” It’s that “most other surfaces” part that gets me. You know what surface I never dreamed I’d be using my trusty fine-tip Sharpie on?

My kids’ arms.

Turns out, Sharpie writes well on skin – even if your hand is shaking like a leaf. And it stays there after several days of baths and soapy scrubbings, as a bold, indelible reminder of a hurricane that still haunts my dreams, almost two months later.

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8 Lessons in 8 Years – Learning Lessons in Love

In honor of World Marriage week 2016, I’m re-sharing this post from the archives. When you’re finished reading, please check out the other lovely reflections on marriage at the Catholic Mommy Blogs Marriage linkup!


Linking up this beautiful St. Valentine’s Day with the lovely Mary of Better Than Eden, sharing eight of the {many, many, many} lessons about love I’ve learned in the eight years of our marriage.

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