7 Quick Takes — Liturgical New Year, Advent, and Gift Ideas [vol. 11]

Y’all. Y’ALL!!!! It’s only 16 days til Advent, and counting.  The Liturigcal Year is almost over (come on feast of Christ the King!) and we are about to celebrate our Catholic New Year!  Sit back, pour some champagne, and check out these super-cool, Adventy-quick takes 🙂

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Good Morning, God

My typical wake-up routine goes something like this: alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.  Alarm goes off again.  Hit snooze again.  Alarm goes off again.  Realize I NEED to wake up.  Grab phone.  Check texts.  Check email.  Check Facebook.  Check Instagram.  Check Whatsapp.  Get up.  Potty.  Coffee.  Brush teeth.  Contacts.  Shower.  Dressed.  Pack lunch.  More coffee.  Get in car.  Buckle up.  Back out of driveway.  Pray during commute.

***insert sound of DJ stopping record abruptly here***

Wait a minute.  Let’s count here.  My first thoughts of God for the day come AFTER 23 (or more) other priorities?  This is not cool, friends.  Not cool at all.  And to think I was “proud” of myself for “remembering” to pray “first thing” in the morning!  *embarrassed face*   Continue reading