Why We Need Catholic Radio

Why We Need Catholic Radio

Why do we need analog Catholic Radio?  Catholic Radio is remarkable.  Whether or not you tune in online, through an app, in your car, or in your kitchen, Catholic radio programming is round-the-clock, quality fare that feeds your mind and nourishes your soul.  There are literally hundreds of analog radio programs that air each week focusing on all aspects of our Catholic faith journey – Rosaries, Chaplets and other prayers, Masses, marriage, parenting, apologetics, local Catholic community coverage, coverage of major events like the Walk for Life in DC, and so much more.  Really, there’s something for everyone.  While satellite radio is rapidly gaining ground in the realm of Catholic media, and is proving to be an excellent vehicle for the New Evangelization, the lowly analog radio still has its place.  Though many are convinced that analog should go the way of the dinosaur – Norway is outlawing FM radio by 2017 – I feel that these lower-tech stations play a vital role in reaching the masses.  Here’s why. Continue reading

7 Quick Takes — [Vol. 10]


Busy weeks ’round these parts!

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It’s fall, y’all, and though the Lone Star State is still basking in sunshine, those of you who are under grey clouds might want to take a look at my friend Kristi’s blog post about her research on Vitamin D deficiency.  She’s a chemist by education, does her homework, and has awesomely credible sources, and this post is fascinating.  This week, I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency, and I will post more about all of that soon, but for now, check out her research and talk to your doctor about it!  Get tested, and get your kids tested. Continue reading

7 Quick Takes — Spelling Bees, Catholic Radio, and a Monsoon [vol. 8]

Well, it’s the last official weekend of summer, and we intend to continue to sweat to death as we drown in boiling humidity enjoy our warm weather while it lasts.  Between National Cheeseburger Day yesterday and my toddler walking around in a sundress, summer still feels pretty real around here.
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