Vocation Rockstar…Or, How My OBGYN Showed Me Christ

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was a mere 20 years old. I wasn’t married, I was scared to death, and had only ever been to an OBGYN’s office once. My mom scheduled my pregnancy confirmation visit with her doctor. I was ridiculously apprehensive about this first visit. My boyfriend didn’t want to go with me – he was contemplating breaking up with me – and who wants their mom to tag along on a visit like that, unwed and scared? Well, I did. I was petrified. Of what, I was not sure. In the week leading up to the appointment, I was filled with dread and a nagging sense of fear. I told myself it was because the doctor was a man. I told myself I should be seeing a female doctor; then I’d be more comfortable. My mom suggested I stick with Dr. E, and that if I wasn’t comfortable with him after the first visit, then I could switch to his female associate. She assured me everything would be ok – he’d delivered two of my brothers, and was a good Christian doctor. I reluctantly kept the appointment.
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