7 Quick Takes – Lent Already?! [vol.15]

7QT hosted by This Ain't The Lyceum

I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite sure where the first few weeks of Lent went, let alone the entire months of January and February.  Apparently, it’s two and a half (three? I seriously do NOT know) weeks into Lent already.  Let’s take a look at a few of the things going on in Chateau du Cajuntexasmom as we sojourn, disoriented, the Lenten desert together.

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7 Quick Takes — 7 Kind Things to do for Your Coworkers [vol.14]

7QT hosted by This Ain't The Lyceum

One of my favorite pastimes is to surprise coworkers (especially the cranky or unfriendly ones!) with random acts of kindness every now and then.  I have done this ever since I worked at my first job, and I always love seeing people’s reactions and making them feel special.  So, I was gonna write this long, well-thought out post with ideas for doing nice things for coworkers.  And I wrote it. Problem is, it came across all sanctimonious and well…if I had read it on the internet, I’d have wanted to slap the author.  I realized I just so happened to have seven ideas to share, so I took out all the mushy and preachy stuff, condensed some ideas, and POOF!  The 7QT post for this week!

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7 Quick Takes — Christmastide and a New Year [vol.13]

7QT hosted by This Ain't The Lyceum

It’s the first 7QT of 2015, and the first time I’m linking up with the new 7QT host, Kelly Mantoan of This Ain’t The Lyceum.  You remember Kelly, right?  The homeschooling mama who mic dropped at Edel after rapping Flo Rida?  (No, Kelly…I’m never letting that precious memory go.  EVAH.)  Here’s a quick glimpse of what we’ve been up to in the past two weeks.  Also, you should know that after all of this I have exactly ZERO PTO left, so I will be at work every day for the foreseeable future.  (All you peeps who follow me on Instagram are going to be SO.HAPPY. for this!  I’ve been overgramming for sure.)
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7 Quick Takes — Thanksgiving 2014 Edition [vol.12]


In the spirit of giving thanks, and in no particular order, here are seven blessings I’m particularly grateful for this Thanksgiving!wpid-textgram_1417149047.png

— 1 —

My husband
For a man who has endured much, worked hard, and grown closer to our Lord in the last year, all while having to put up with his pain in the you-know-what wife…dear God, I thank you!

— 2 —

My babies
For my quirky, funny, and loving children, through whom I see the goodness and delight of our Creator…dear God, I thank you!

— 3 —

Our home
For our rental home in an older neighborhood, on an ethnically diverse street, with neighbors of all ages, and a beautiful deck out back under wonderfully mature trees…dear God, I thank you!

— 4 —

My Parents
For the selfless people who gave me life; raised me in the beauty of the Faith; taught me to cook, clean, and sew; demonstrated a love of neighbor regardless of race or creed; and who have lovingly supported me, even when I was a bonehead…dear God, I thank you!

— 5 —

My Faith
For a strong, rich Faith heritage rooted in 2000 years of Tradition and Truth, which I am privileged to pass on to my children…dear God, I thank you!

— 6 —

Our Military
For the selfless men and women who are spending this holiday away from their families and friends, and for those who have paid the ultimate price so that I may continue to live in peace – for them and their loved ones…dear God, I thank you!

— 7 —

Edifying Friendships
For friendships old and new, virtual and physical, which edify and strengthen me in my roles as wife, mother, sister, cousin, daughter, and child of God; for friendships that have grown richer and deeper with the passage of time; for newer friends, especially those whom I’ve met in real life after years of them living in my computer; for the knowledge that my soul is strengthened by the bonds of their love…dear God, I thank you!
God bless you and your loved ones this lovely week, and always.  Be assured of my prayers for you!

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7 Quick Takes — Liturgical New Year, Advent, and Gift Ideas [vol. 11]

Y’all. Y’ALL!!!! It’s only 16 days til Advent, and counting.  The Liturigcal Year is almost over (come on feast of Christ the King!) and we are about to celebrate our Catholic New Year!  Sit back, pour some champagne, and check out these super-cool, Adventy-quick takes 🙂

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