What the World Series Taught Me About the Spiritual Life

Every day, we hear it. We tell others, they tell us – how busy life is. The response is knee-jerk, automatic. “How are you?” “BUSY!” In my own life, I’ve responded this way hundreds of times without giving my answer a second thought. I mean, I *am* busy. I have a husband, five kids, and a full-time job. I’m so busy, in fact, I don’t have time to slow down. To rest. To dive so deeply into prayer that when I finally peek at the clock, hours have crept by. So much to do. Too busy for that.

But what if I wasn’t?

Time management world series

This past week, my beloved Houston Astros have played in a thrilling World Series. Pitching duels, devastating losses, euphoric wins…you name it, Astros Nation has experienced it. Physically present in the stands for the soul-crushing games at Minute Maid Park here in Houston last week, I spent a total of 7 hours, 44 minutes watching the game, plus an additional 1.5 hours each day for my round trip commutes to the Park. I spent another 11 hours, 10 minutes watching Games 3, 4, and 5 on TV. All totalled, that’s 21 hours, 54 minutes spent revelling in one of my favorite sports, cheering on my favorite team, and sharing the love of the game with my husband, kids, parents, and siblings as we crazily wave rally towels and chant “Take It Back” on repeat. And the Series isn’t over yet, so we can reasonably count on at least another 4 hours of this…which brings my total time spent to almost 26 hours in one week diving deeply into an activity that brings me joy and the satisfaction of spending time with those I love most.

Maybe I really can make time for more time with God, for more prayer. For daily Mass every now and again. For more Holy Hours. For more frequent Confession. For more time in nature. For more conversations with my kids about the Faith and the culture. For more time serving others. For more time with my Bible. For more time praying the Rosary. For more time encouraging others in their journeys to Heaven.

Maybe I’m not as busy as I think I am.