It’s Not Easter Yet (or, If Your Lent Didn’t Go Well, There’s Still Time!)

I know for some of us, our Lent chose us in the forms of physical or emotional or spiritual suffering. I know you’re hurting and sad and just want it to all be over. I also know if your Lent wasn’t as Lenty as you’d hoped – if, like me, you failed miserably in your chosen disciplines – you have a chance now to focus on the present.

Live as fully as you can in the spirit of these holiest of days. We’re all busy and we’re all overwhelmed, I know, but look for opportunities in the midst of your vocation to live these days well. If you can, try and make it to some or all of the beautiful Masses and services. These are the highest days in our liturgical year and the rituals we’ll celebrate have been handed down to us as a gift from our beautiful Church. They are powerful and opportunities for such grace.

Easter Triduum Catholic

Keep Jesus company tonight at the Altar of Repose. Listen to the impassioned cries of the crowd during the Passion reading and venerate the Cross tomorrow. Meditate on the Pieta – on the brokenhearted countenance of Our Blessed Mother who watcher her Son, the spotless Victim, suffer and die for us. Feel the absence of His presence in the Tabernacle, His retreat into the grave. Experience the warmth of the Blessing of the Fire and see the glow of hundreds of candles in the darkened church at the Vigil Mass. Hear the glorious bells and the joyful Alleluia. Be present to welcome our newest brothers and sisters in Christ as they taste and see the goodness of Christ in the Eucharist for the first time.

If you can’t make it to church, or in your downtime, put on some Lenten Gregorian chant while you fold laundry or cook dinner. Have a simple supper tonight of bread, roast chicken, and wine. Turn off screens tomorrow and keep as much silence as your state in life allows. Maybe that’s just when you’re in the shower, but go with it. Keep lifting your heart to God as much as you can. From noon to 3 tomorrow, keep in mind Jesus’ suffering on the cross. On Saturday, sneak out before the kids wake up, early in the morning with coffee, and meditate on the darkness and stillness of the grave.

Do what you can, where you can, when you can. God isn’t asking for you to be pinterest perfect or do ALL THE CRAFTS or meet all the expectations with your kids and families. He’s asking you to do your best and leave the rest to Him. He’s asking you to focus on Him and His gift of suffering for you.

I love hope and pray that the joy of Easter fills your hearts very soon. When things go wrong over the next few days – when they do, not if they do – remind yourself that Satan knows the Triduum is incredibly powerful and he doesn’t want you to grow in Christ. He wants your destruction. He will throw everything he has at you to derail you. And chances are God will allow him to. BUT. We know who conquers the grave. WE KNOW WHO WINS, and we’re on His team.

You’ve got this, loved ones in Christ ❤