One Word for 2017: Think {and a link-up!}

One Word for 2017: Think

For the past few years, I have selected a word for the new year instead of making countless resolutions that are impossible to keep. This year my word is short, sweet, and oh-so-necessary for an impulsive, extroverted sanguine like myself:


In 2017, I want to think before I respond. Think before I act. Think before I eat foods that hurt my health. Think before I drink too much. Think, in the silence of my heart. To process, to understand, to mull over. To reason. To examine. To ponder.

In the early years of our marriage, one of the things that drove me crazy about my husband was that in the course of a conversation, he would pause – a pregnant, drawn-out, i n t e r m i n a b l e pause. It drove me nuts, especially during arguments. I began to feel like I had to monologue just because it took him forever to answer. I didn’t have time for any of that nonsense. There was always more to discuss, to analyze, and to hash out. I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t engage in a more timely fashion. A friend of ours, upon meeting my husband, actually joked with his wife, “He’s like a stoner. You say something to him, and he just stares, like you don’t even know if he heard you. You just about decide to move on in the conversation, or change the subject, and he finally says something back.”

Seriously. Drove me batty.

Years later, I’ve come to realize that my husband does exceptionally well what I can only dream of achieving: he listens to listen, not to respond. He only says something when he has something worthwhile to contribute. He doesn’t talk unnecessarily. He isn’t in love with the sound of his own voice. He thinks before he speaks.

This idea was reiterated over the course of this Christmas season, as I read Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s “The Infancy Narratives: Jesus of Nazareth.” When I read it, I’d already discerned think as my word of the year, but this passage was a bit of divine affirmation for me:

“[Mary] does not remain locked in her initial troubled state at the proximity of God in his angel, but she seeks to understand…she stands before us as a woman of great interiority, who holds heart and mind in harmony and seeks to understand the context, the overall significance of God’s message. In this way, she becomes an image of the Church as she considers the word of God, to understand it in its entirety and guards in her memory things that have been given to her.”

Well, then. Think indeed.

Hand in hand with this word selection is a meditation that has been on my heart the past few months, especially each time I have received the Lord in the Eucharist. My tongue is such a vile organ at times – bitterness, gossip, deceit, and profanities roll out of my mouth far too frequently. In those few moments after Communion, though, when my tongue is throne to the King of the Universe, I have begun to beg Him to sanctify it. I ask every ounce of His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity to seep into every pore and heal the ugliness of my tongue. I ask Him to allow only words that are good, true, and beautiful to flow from it.

It’s a noble prayer, but a difficult work in progress. My hope is that this year, as I focus on thinking, I will pause and reflect before I open my mouth to eat, drink, or speak.

Will you pray for me?

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9 thoughts on “One Word for 2017: Think {and a link-up!}

  1. My word of the year is “Prayer.” I had never heard of the “Word of the Year” before, but like you, have received “God moments,” which let me know that should be my focus.

    I love those little “divine affirmations”! What a beautiful word and such a lofty goal – to think more, respond less. And, it’s not quite respond less, as it is to respond in quality, rather than quantity, I guess.

    Great post, and I’m glad the full page is back up and running!

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    • Prayer is a great word, too! I know it’s been on my list as a possibility for a few years now. It’s fun to see what God has to say to us when we slow down and be still to listen! And yes. Quality over quantity (goodness knows I have plenty of quantity right now!) is the goal. Thanks for stopping by and helping me troubleshoot!

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  2. I love this. The imagery of the tongue as throne to Christ in the Blessed Sacrament is amazing. I am going to use that prayer, because my tongue can be vile too. Thank you for sharing this. My word for the year is “surrender,” because I have a tendency to be a control freak.


    • So glad you stopped by, Amy! It’s so humbling to know that Christ enters our very body, “under our roof,” which I always think of as the roof of my mouth (even though that’s probably not the intent!) I’m a visual person, and once I visualized Christ sitting atop the same body part that is responsible for spreading gossip, profanities, and more, I was so terribly convicted.

      “Surrender” is such a good word! Praying that you are strong in your resolve to surrender to God’s Will – and love! – for you!


  3. I just found your blog. I’m a full-time working Catholic mom who lives in Houston too! I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one, since most of the mommies at my parish stay home with their children. This was a beautiful post to read and there is such fantastic imagery in your writing. Thank you for the spiritual encouragement today!

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