7 Quick Takes – Top Seven Posts OF ALL TIME [vol. 17]

7 Quick Takes

I’se gonna have a nice, new, purty, and well-researched 7QT for y’all this week, but um…I have no brain left. This week alone, I’ve been swamped with the first day of school, an oral challenge test at the allergist’s (YAY! ELIZABETH CAN NOW HAVE PEANUT BUTTER!), teaching an Essential Oils 101 class, class registration for my fall semester, planning tomorrow’s Blessed Is She Brunch here in Houston, and a whole host of other items. SO…instead of a well-manicured, witty post, you get… CAJUNTEXASMOM’S TOP SEVEN POSTS OF ALL TIME (ok, so the blog’s only 14 months old. But still.) OF ALL TIME.  And, to create suspense, I will list them in countdown order, AND will include an update about each post!  Whoo. Hoo.

7 – Stuck. In which I realize God’s got this, and I just need to remember to fulfill my current obligation well in order to obtain peace.  UPDATE: Yeah, still working on this one…

6 – Vocation Rockstar, Or, How My OBGYN Showed Me Christ. In which I share how living fully one’s vocation can mean the world to one person.  UPDATE: Even though I love my new OBGYN (she’s a NaPro!) I still miss Dr. E.

5 – Learning to Love the Rosary. In which I share my Rosary “pro-tips.” UPDATE: I’m going through a dry spell again, but I’m about to ramp back up with my first-ever Marian consecration!

4 – Good Morning, God. In which I resolve to use an old-school alarm clock instead of my phone, ensuring I give my first moments of the day to God and not Facebook. UPDATE: I am lazy and forget to wind the clock, so it’s been back to the phone alarm.  However, I’ve been doing a MUCH better job of not hopping on to browse my notifications until AFTER I talk to God a while. So, somewhat improved.

3 – Learning From the Wise. In which I examine the beauty of cultivating relationships with the seasoned citizens in our lives, and why it’s so important to share their knowledge with our kids. UPDATE: We are rocking this one. We recently joined our local chapter of the Cajun French Music Association, and I look forward to sharing this piece of heritage with my kids. My hope is that one of them might want to learn to play the accordion 😉  In addition, my kids are learning (and remembering!) the names and experiences they’ve shared with our extended family members in recent months. Winning!

2 – Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys. In which I discover that really, I need to focus on my own little nuclear family as my primary responsibility, and not worry so much or internalize the problems of others. UPDATE: Still learning what this looks like for me, as the naturally mothering oldest of 6 siblings. By the grace of God, I’m figuring it out, learning where to pull back. It’s tough.

1 – That Time I Chose Life. In which I share my heart about the crisis pregnancy of my first child, who is now a testament every day to the graces God showered on me during that time. UPDATE: Elizabeth rocks. God rocks. Life rocks.

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13 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes – Top Seven Posts OF ALL TIME [vol. 17]

  1. Wow, these are some powerful posts. I had read #1 and #2 before, but I loved rereading them. And the conversation with your OB-GYN…wow. What an amazing person. I really enjoyed reading through. THank you for putting these together. And so exciting about your daughter getting over the PB allergy!

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  2. Speak to me more about getting over the peanut butter allergy! Did you do anything to help that along or did she naturally grow out of it? I need to get E retested soon anyway and I’m very curious.

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    • No, we didn’t do anything special other than to strictly avoid. It has been 6 years since she had any trace of peanut. I wish there were a magic formula. I know food intolerances and allergies can be related to gut function. Unfortunately, though she has conquered it for now, the allergist has warned it can come back anytime.


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