#prayerforprofessionals Prayer Series

Prayer for Professionals

In the coming weeks, I intend to post a series of prayers devoted to the unique encounters and situations that the Christian may face in her workplace.  Honestly, some of these prayers may be of use to stay at home parents, too, since often it can seem as though our coworkers are as cantankerous as toddlers…but I digress.  These prayers have been and will be composed at various times – in the quiet of my home before dawn; during a workday lunch break after a tough meeting; or as I muse aloud on my drive home; during a conference call (kidding.)  The purpose of the series is to give you a place to start when you feel a need to pray about a certain someone or situation, and you aren’t sure how to find the right words.

I have a running list of particular intentions that have given way to these prayers, but if you have suggestions for a unique situation you’ve run into, please email me at cajuntexasmom AT gmail DOT com, and I will be happy to pray about your situation for you.  Also, feel free to leave your prayer intentions at the bottom of the posts, and our whole little community here at OeLeM will pray right along with you.  If you like a particular prayer, I’d ask that you share with your friends or on social media, using the hashtag #prayerforprofessionals.

Thank you so much – and without further ado…

Prayer for My Leader

{Boss, Superior, Supervisor, Team Lead}

Dear Lord, I pray in a special way today for my leader, (Name).  You know, more than anyone, the struggles (s)he is facing right now.  You see her stress, her anxieties, and her difficulties.  You know her faults.  Grant her the graces she needs to improve her weaknesses.  Help me to look not on her shortcomings, but on her strengths.  Grant her wisdom and courage to make tough decisions.  Give her the right words to best communicate with our team.  Dispel any reservations or doubt she may have, and instead flood her soul with grace, compassion, mercy, and empathy.  Finally, Lord, I ask that you guard my tongue, that I may not participate in conversations that tear her down, but rather build her up. I ask this through Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.  Amen.

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