Little Bit O’ Lagniappe [vol. 4]



Natural Beauty

Last week, my husband started his final semester of his 2-year degree.  In an effort to fight away some feelings of overwhelm, I took the kiddos to the park and snapped these gorgeous pics.  God is so good to give us sunsets – for free! – all the days of our lives.




Soundtack of my life

Right now, I am totally digging Audrey Assad.  I have heard her name thrown around Christian music for many years now, but never actually heard her stuff until this weekend.  I know, I know – I’ve been living in a cave.  Whatever.  When I discovered that I could listen to her album “Fortunate Fall” on Amazon Prime for FREE, I jumped at the chance!  I’m in love, LOVE, LOOOOOOOVE with her song “Help My Unbelief.”  Going through a spiritual dry spell?  Put that puppy on repeat.  I even snuck my phone into my Holy Hour this morning and played it for Jesus…because I truly FELT every word of that song.  (Yes, I was alone in the chapel.)  Anyway, now I’ve started stalking every YouTube video and snippet I can snag online.  Her voice is clear and soulful, and reminds me of Sarah McLachlan.  So beautiful.  Go listen.

Book Nook

As per the norm, I’m in the middle of like 90 9 books.  I’m halfway through a Flannery O’Connor anthology, though I’m remembering (GASP!) that her stories have a tendency to just stop.  There’s never a real wrap-up, or a tying up of loose ends.  The narrative literally STOPS.  So unsatisfying for me as a reader.  I am not giving up on her, though, because I know her works are rich in meaning. My plan is to read some literary criticisms of the short stories that were the least satisfying for me, and see if that helps.  I’m in the middle of the Runner’s World Complete Book of Women’s Running and Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry And Heal Your Brain, which was recently reviewed by my friend K at Babyfoodsteps.  Also, I just downloaded H.G. Wells’ War Of The Worlds, which I’ve never read. Oh, and at the suggestion of Andrea at His Will, My Peace, I downloaded Searching For And Maintaining Peace by Fr. Jacques Phillippe, whose name I keep seeing and hearing all over everywhere.  I might save that one for Lent, though.

Sittin’ and Thinkin’

Lately, I’ve been pondering where next to go with my education.  Since Superman is wrapping his up for now, it’s “my turn” to go back to school at night.  So many options – and it’s important for both of us that I have a degree.  Say a little prayer that God leads me where He wants me, please?

My Rush Hour Commute

It’s just been silence. I need the silence.

Pursuing Physicality

I’m still walking and running at intervals, a la Couch to 5k.  I’m just getting back in the saddle after the holiday slack-off, though, so I am back at Week 2.  Sigh.  Will I ever actually see Week 3?  On the bright side, I visited Old Navy this weekend and shimmied into a size 16 jean for the first time in five years.  There were tears in the dressing room for sure.  Self high-five!

Handcrafting, Cooking, or Creating

I’m making Therese a dress.  The original plan was for it to be one of her Christmas gifts, but that didn’t happen because my dog ate the fabric I had a flat tire I overslept I planned my time poorly and it just didn’t get done.  Sad face.  I’m super excited about it, though, because it’s my first Oliver + S pattern, and the instructions are easy to understand and so thorough!  Pic soon of the final product.

Around the Water Cooler

A coworker admired my Rosary Bracelet from Organic Mama’s Shop, and bought herself one as a Christmas present.  As a companion gift, I gave her a copy of my favorite book about the Rosary.  I really do love little opportunities like this to share parts of the Faith at work!

Caught in the Web

I greatly enjoyed participating in nominations and voting for Bonnie’s Sheenazing Awards.  I love me some Archbishop Sheen, and Bonnie’s son has a remarkable connection to him – his healing is the alleged miracle for Fulton Sheen’s cause for sainthood!  In a cool twist of awesome, her son was born the same day and year as Howie – as she was begging God for the life of her son, I was about to deliver mine.  Anyway, go check out the winners here!

Prayer Journal

Praying for the repose of the soul of Paul Coakley, an amazing man of God and father of four who died of cancer last week.  By all accounts, this man led a remarkable, holy life.  Praying for his wife Ann and their four kids, one of whom is yet to be born.  Praying for the repose of our neighbor, Ms. M.  Praying for the unborn, their mothers, and those who are facing crisis pregnancies.

Grateful to God

For the (early) birthday gift from parents – Edel in Charleston!  For compassionate children. For a loving, devoted husband.

Our Little Domestic Church

We’re finally taking down our Christmas décor this week (no, you weren’t the last one to get to it.)  Elizabeth is set to make her First Reconciliation this Saturday – keep her in your prayers?

What are you up to lately – reading, creating, cleaning, cooking?  Leave me a Little Lagniappe below 🙂

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