Another Day, Another Semester

Tonight is Superman’s first night back at school, the first day of classes of his last semester of college.  God willing, he will graduate in May with his Associates’ Degree.

Here I sit, poised at the beginning of a grueling four months.  Two nights and one Saturday each week, he will head off to class leaving me alone to care for the kiddos, to oversee homework, baths, chores, supper, night prayer, and bedtimes.  Alone.  After completing a 9- or 10- hour workday.  It’s overwhelming to even think about. This semester will be even busier than most.  We have three of the four kids playing sports this spring.  On top of the associated practices and games, we have Little Flowers meetings and events, Elizabeth’s First Holy Communion, and extracurricular academic competitions.  Mind reels at the thought of even crawling out of bed on time each day, much less navigating the dizzying pace of our family’s next 12-15 weeks.

So really, this post is for me, a few weeks from now, when I walk in from work on a night hubby has class, and want to do nothing else than crawl into bed with a book and some chocolate.  It’s for you, too, if you find yourself in a similar season of life.

This vocation? It’s HARD. Being everyone to everybody 24/7 – wife, mother, employee – it’s hard. God sees our struggle. God knows it’s hard. And yet, this is where He has placed us for this moment in time. Sometimes, we wish things were different. Ultimately, though, He sees the big picture. He knows how it’s going to end. So we trust, and we resolve in the meantime to do the best we can with the what we have.

We’re going to chose to embrace the beauty of our families. We are going to recognize that the quickest antidote to our whining, complaining, and discontent is to recognize and be grateful for the gifts that God has given us.  We are blessed to provide athletic opportunities to our kids.  We are blessed to have two working vehicles to drive ALL.THE.PLACES.  We are blessed to have a wonderful Little Flowers leader, who plans rich and meaningful meetings and events.  We are blessed to have a hard-working, beautiful daughter who is academically accomplished. We have our health.  We have our lives.  We are blessed.

So we’re gonna go for a bike ride when I get home from work, Superman has left for class, and I am exhausted.  The living room will stay a little messy.  I’m gonna snuggle with my babies and read a bedtime story when all I want to do is stare at the wall.  I’m gonna rock a kiddo to sleep instead of zoning out in front of Netflix.  When I have a moment on the weekend or if I can leave work an hour early one day, I’m gonna offer to take the kids for ice cream or to the park to give Superman some down time.  And, I’m gonna ask him to do the same for me when I need it most.  Above all, I will try my best to embrace the moments I can, and forgive myself for the moments I can’t.  My husband and I will both pour our hearts out to Jesus in Adoration, receive the Eucharist as often as possible, and go to Confession frequently.  We’re gonna need all the graces we can get.

Our bike ride tonight.  So incredibly blessed.
Our bike ride tonight. So incredibly blessed.


4 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Semester

  1. I know how hard that is! Hubby works full time & is a full time student. Until he graduates in May there will not be a day during the week where he doesn’t have either work or school, and most days he has both. We are very much looking forward to the semester ending

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