Advent Candle {upcycle}


***Edited to include safety tips!***  Thanks for the suggestion, Sewmawmaw!

Not quite sure what to do with your used Advent candles? I wasn’t either.  Most years, we pack them up with the wreath and they hang out in the garage, but this is Texas and they almost never survive our long, hot summers.

This year, I had resolved to just toss them.  I was having trouble doing it, though, because for the first time ever, we rolled our own candles for Advent.  I couldn’t bear to let the beautiful beeswax go to waste, so I decided to give our little candles some new life.


Please read these candle-making safety tips here and here, and be sure to have a working fire extinguisher nearby before you begin this project.  I will wait while you go read the links.

…no really, go read them…

Done?  OK, let’s move on.

Step One:
Unroll your candles and remove the leftover wicks (we reused one, and I tossed the others.)

Step Two:
In a double boiler, melt down the candles.


Step Three:
Pour melted wax into a clean glass jar.  I used an empty tealight holder.

Step Four (optional):
Add a few drops of your fave essential oil to the still-hot wax.  We used lavender.

Step Five:
Immerse the new candle jar in an ice bath, contained in a bowl larger than the candle jar.

Step Six:
As the wax begins to harden, hold the wick directly in the middle of the jar.  Alternatively, you can tape a cotton wick to a popsicle stick and lay it across the top of the jar, letting the wick hang into the wax.

Step Seven:
Let the wax harden and enjoy your new candle!

What do you do with your Advent candles at the end of the season? Tell us about it!

8 thoughts on “Advent Candle {upcycle}

  1. I nerve thought to do anything that interesting! Ours are just sitting in my kitchen cabinet. Maybe I’ll give this a try. Hope you had a wonderful Advent and Christmas!


    • Hi, Rita! Part of the reason mine always ended up with the wreath for storage was because I would never have remembered where I put them otherwise! Let me know how the craft works out. Thank you for the well wishes – I hope yours was wonderful as well, and I wish you a joyous New Year!


  2. I think it’s a great idea to recycle the advent candles, but please everyone, be very careful. I loved making candles with my grandmother in the 70’s when it was popular, but many kitchen fires started from doing this. I’ve heard that gas stoves are especially dangerous. Please look up some safety instructions online and keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

    I bet the lavender smells great. How did the kids like doing that?


    • Yes. Great points. Headed to Mass now, but will update the post today with these reminders. Thanks! The kids loved it. They thought I was crazy when I started unrolling the candles!


  3. Awesome! Will be trying this for sure!!! Thanks, Cajuntexasmom! We didn’t make our candles but I wonder if I can do the same with regular old stick candles?? We shall see!


    • Hi, Amanda 🙂 I have done this before with old candles that still have wax but don’t have quite enough to keep burning efficiently. It can be fun to mix and match colors and scents. Let me know how it turns out 🙂


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