Little Bit O’ Lagniappe [vol. 3]

As I write this, we’re “eastbound and down” on I-10 headed from Houston to New Orleans for the Thanksgiving holiday. I cannot be responsible if the thoughts recorded herein lack organization – I just had a stuffed bear thrown at my head and I am getting real sick of hearing the phrase “I want another snack.”  Oh, and the youngest is licking her arm, so….yeah.

Natural Beauty
One of the things I’m most looking forward to when I get visit Gretna, my hometown, is going for a run on the levee of the Mississippi River.  I often see friends Instagramming their morning views of the mighty Mississippi, and it makes me ache to see that muddy water in the foreground and the Big Easy, the jewel of my heart, in the background.  Soon!  And I promise to ‘gram my own photo (and share it here, too!)
Soundtrack of my life
I have been really enjoying Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989.  Though I miss her country persona, there are some really great running tunes on this, her first pop album.  So far, my faves are “Style,” “Wildest Dreams,” and of course, “Shake It Off.”
Book Nook
My sweet friend Gabbi picked up this book for me on the “FREE” cart at our parish library.  Super excited about it, and thinking of reading through it this Advent, journaling as I go.  I have really developed an affinity for St. Hildegard after reading God’s Hotel.wpid-20141126_233619.jpg
Sittin’ and Thinkin’
About blessings, and my woeful lack of gratitude in my daily life.  One of my facebook friends asked this week – “If tomorrow you woke up with only the things you’d thanked God for today, what would you have?”  Ouch.
My Rush Hour Commute
Still praying the Rosary, though these days I’m only getting two decades in before I get to work.  We’re in our new building now, and my commute is only about 10 minutes 🙂  Don’t forget to visit Organic Mama’s Shop before Sunday, 11/30 – you can get 20% off your order and get yourself one of these cool Rosary bracelets!
Pursuing Physicality
I fell off the Couch to 5k wagon again, and I’m back to Week One.  No worries.  I’m up and moving! I’ve recently started having “dance parties” with my kids, too.  We put on Pandora for 15 minutes every day and just let loose!  I hope to increase the time slowly, to where eventually it’s at least a 30 minute party 🙂  My kids have really been enjoying this, and I’ve enjoyed the time focused on them (with a side of fitness!)
Handcrafting, Cooking, or Creating
So much in this category!  This week, I made these delicious brownies to bring to a work potluck.  They are so yummy, you’d hardly believe they’re Paleo friendly, and gluten and dairy free!  I also tired my hand at making kefir this week (YUM!) and paleo homemade coffee creamer (EW.)  Also, I ordered my very first Oliver + S patterns – I will be making Therese a dress and Christmas pajamas for HH.  I love kids’ pajamas, so I will definitely get my money’s worth out of this pattern!  From now until Nov 29th at 11:59pm, Oliver + S is offering 50% off of their paper patterns with the coupon code Holiday2014.  Elizabeth Foss loves these patterns because they are very detailed in their instruction, so they are great for beginning sewists.  Incidentally, she is also hosting a pajama sewalong – will you join us?
Around the Water Cooler
We moved into our new buildings two weeks ago, and I love my new office.  I have a window!  I am thoroughly enjoying basking in sunlight on the daily.  Funny things, windows.  You don’t know how glorious they areuntil you don’t have one.
Caught in the Web
Having fun checking out posts about preparing for Advent.  Also, I loved this list of tried-and-true toys from Kendra over at Catholic All Year.  This post will come in handy when making my Christmas list!
Prayer Journal
Praying for the repose of the soul of my great grand-aunt, the spouse of my dad’s boss, and my mother-in-law and grandfather, both of whom who died near Thanksgiving many years ago.  Praying for the town of Ferguson.  For peace in families and communities.
Grateful to God
For safe travels to our destination; for family to share Thanksgiving with; for continued success in my weight loss journey; for my family.
Our Little Domestic Church
We’re gearing up for Advent!  Our Little Flowers group recently enjoyed a Jesse Tree ornament exchange party, and my girls are excited about this tradition for the second year in our family.  What special Advent traditions does your family observe?
Happy Thanksgivin’, y’all!

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  1. Haha, when I glanced at the picture of the book I thought it said “Partying with Hildegard of Bingen” and I was so curious what it would be about, lol!

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