7 Quick Takes — Liturgical New Year, Advent, and Gift Ideas [vol. 11]

Y’all. Y’ALL!!!! It’s only 16 days til Advent, and counting.  The Liturigcal Year is almost over (come on feast of Christ the King!) and we are about to celebrate our Catholic New Year!  Sit back, pour some champagne, and check out these super-cool, Adventy-quick takes 🙂

— 1 —

Have you been living under a Catholic rock?  If so, no worries.  I’m here to be your Geraldo Rivera.  Or Walter Cronkite.  Or Tom Brokaw.  Whatever.  BREAKING NEWS!  Holy Heroes is once again offering their super awesome Advent Adventure Activity Book!  This little guide is a great way for kids to follow along during Advent, and joyfully prepare for the coming of the Savior 🙂  Also, for the first time this year, our family is trying our hand at making our very own beeswax advent candles!




Holy Heroes offers candle making kits, on sale now for $13.50!  Not bad for being able to follow a few simple instructions to make your own candles this year!  Why not give it a try? ALSO – THIS JUST IN! Any purchase now through the end of November will receive a free Childhood of Jesus Coloring book! Just use coupon code: Adv3nts4l3

You can also sign up for daily Advent activities delivered to your inbox, completely free.


— 2 —

Nov. 23rd marks the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year, and is celebrated as the feast of Christ the King.  That means that this Sunday, Nov. 16th, is the LAST Sunday in Ordinary Time.  No more green vestments until 2015!  The feast of Christ the King lends itself well to a table filled with a feast fit for a King, obvi.  Catholic Cuisine suggests preparing a ham.  I mean, ham is delicious, and I think honoring Jesus as King of Kings is the PERFECT excuse for you to roast one in your oven!  Oh and it just wouldn’t be the feast of Our Lord’s Kingship without this timeless classic video (which incidentally I’ve always looked at as a tongue-in-cheek mockery of the ridiculousness of some “liturgical” music.)

— 3 —

Speaking of Liturgical New Year, what better time is there to begin cooking your way through the Church calendar?  I remember a homily once on the feast of the Immaculate Conception where the priest exhorted the congregation to expend a little effort in celebrating the special feasts of the church year.  “For crying out loud,” he said, “REJOICE!  Put some sprinkles in your yogurt or something!”  Our family still chuckles about this advice to this day, but the man has a point.  My hip, Blessed Mother-tattoo-sportin’ friend Haley and her rugged husband Daniel “Bearman” are working on the sequel to their first liturgical cookbook, FEAST!  Their first book has great recipes for many of the special feast days throughout the year, and they even include a few cocktail recipes!  I love giving this book as a wedding present to Catholic couples.  In anticipation of the sequel and to get you pumped up for the New Year, Haley has promised that OeLeM readers will each have a chance to WIN an e-book version of FEAST! very soon.  Be sure to check back in the coming days for details!

— 4 —

Psssst!  Have you heard? (There’s a rumor in St. Petersburg<—you’ll only get this if you’re a diehard Anastasia fan.)  Tickets for Edel ’15 go one sale next week!!  In case you need a reminder of how awesome it was and what you missed, be sure to catch up here.  We would love for you to join us in Charleston, SC.  I’ve never been there, so I am really looking forward to it.  Remember Kelly Mantoan of FloRida rap and mic drop fame? She and the incomparable Rachel Balducci are our esteemed speakers for the weekend.  Best of all?  If for some reason you can’t join us, Sirius XM has agreed to simulcast the whole weekend, LIVE!  How insanely cool is that?!

— 5 —

It’s no secret that my very favorite blogger of all time is Elizabeth Foss, and that I have a very serious Catholic-mom girl crush on her.  If you are looking for some thoughtful, unique, and original ideas to make Advent more real, more livable, and more attainable for your family, look no further than Elizabeth’s treasury of Advent posts:

Post Awesome 1

Post Awesome 2

Post Awesome 3

Post Awesome 4

Post Awesome 5

— 6 —

Just a reminder that you only have until November 30th to take advantage of Organic Mama’s Shop generous deal!  You can take 20% off of ANYTHING in her shop by simply using the coupon code CAJUN at checkout.  Rosaries, Rosary bracelets, novena bracelets, decade Rosaries, nursing necklaces, nursing bracelets, earrings – there is literally something for everyone on your list.  Get your Christmas shopping done in just a few clicks, before Black Friday!

— 7 —

Don’t forget I am on Pinterest and Instagram, and would love to see you in those places on the web, too.  May God bless you and your family – have a fabulous weekend!


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5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes — Liturgical New Year, Advent, and Gift Ideas [vol. 11]

  1. There is so much awesome in this post I don’t know where to begin.

    Order advent activity books? Check.
    Get SO excited to order that I didn’t finish reading and missed out on free coloring book with promo? Check.
    Do a happy dance for future chance to win FEAST book? Check.
    Laugh until I cry watching Stephen Colbert dance to King of Glory? Check.
    Drool over rosary bracelets from Organic Mama’s Shop? Check.


  2. We’ve used Illuminated Ink’s Easter Candle kit (among a million other things of their’s we’ve used): so fun and easy to roll candles!! There is guaranteed to be little to no yelling involved! Promise!
    And Sirius XM broadcast; equal parts awesome and terrifying. If people can’t see my face and hand gestures, how will they know when I’m joking????


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