Good Morning, God

My typical wake-up routine goes something like this: alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.  Alarm goes off again.  Hit snooze again.  Alarm goes off again.  Realize I NEED to wake up.  Grab phone.  Check texts.  Check email.  Check Facebook.  Check Instagram.  Check Whatsapp.  Get up.  Potty.  Coffee.  Brush teeth.  Contacts.  Shower.  Dressed.  Pack lunch.  More coffee.  Get in car.  Buckle up.  Back out of driveway.  Pray during commute.

***insert sound of DJ stopping record abruptly here***

Wait a minute.  Let’s count here.  My first thoughts of God for the day come AFTER 23 (or more) other priorities?  This is not cool, friends.  Not cool at all.  And to think I was “proud” of myself for “remembering” to pray “first thing” in the morning!  *embarrassed face*  When I saw this quote today on my IG feed (after my morning prayer, thank goodness — oh, and go follow @partyoftwelve), I was completely convicted:

 “We must take great care never to do anything before having said our morning prayers…The Devil once declared that if he could have the first moment of the day, he was sure of all the rest.”

— St. John Vianney

Ideally, my husband wakes us both up about 30 minutes earlier than normal.  He makes us coffee, and we pray and read the morning readings together.  It is wonderful when we remember to do it, but even then, I realize that I have still spent the first ten minutes of quality time on my phone first.

Why? Why is it that my first compulsive need when I wake up is to get caught up on what happened while I was asleep?  Are everyone’s late-night and insomnia-fueled posts really so riveting that I simply must read them before I even put my feet on the floor?  Or for that matter, why is my phone the last thing I touch at night?  Even when I do set time aside to read Scripture or finish a Rosary, I still usually look at my phone one more time before actually going to sleep.  I tell myself it’s to make sure my alarm is set, but truth be told I often forget that’s why I pick up the phone in the first place.  I inevitably sit it down after one more round of Facebook stalking, only to scoop it back up to double-check the alarm time.

I’m very much a baby-steps kinda girl.  I usually experience much more success with a project or new habit when I ease myself into it, a bit at a time (“Learning to Love the Rosary”.)  I’m thinking that maybe, my first baby step towards a day ordered immediately to God might be to ditch the cell phone alarm.  I first started using my cell phone as an alarm when Superman was deployed to Afghanistan.  My cell phone became a part of my body, because I never knew when he might get a chance to call, and I certainly didn’t want to miss it if he did.  My phone was on 24/7, and sat on my nightstand every night.  I still do this, though I am not sure why.  I don’t have teens who might call in the middle of the nights, my husband is not deployed, and my London-living folks are six hours ahead and wouldn’t call me in the dead of night anyway.  So what’s my excuse for not ditching the cellular alarm?  Yeah, I don’t really have one…

you know you’re jealous. if john, paul, george, and ringo can’t wake me up…well, there’s no hope for me.

I’m thinking of digging out the Abbey Road alarm clock I bought when I visited London earlier this year.  It’s an old-fashioned wind-up model, and pretty much one of the coolest souvenirs ever.  I can leave my cell phone in another room to charge, and maybe that ringing bell will remind me to begin my day a little differently.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen (one of my homeboys) once said, “There are two ways of waking up in the morning: one is saying ‘Good morning, God,’ and the other is ‘Good God, it’s morning?’”  Too often, I greet the day with the second phrase, and I am hoping to take a positive step to change that.  What does your morning routine look like?  Are you a little better than I am at putting God first in your day?

10 thoughts on “Good Morning, God

  1. K, so I LOVE that clock. Seriously – and it’s a wind-up? Jealous doesn’t even begin to cover it. I want that!!!

    That being said, I’m terribly awful at the comma placement on what should be “Good morning, God” greeting as well. I love that you and your husband could (at least in theory) wake up, drink coffee and spend a bit of time praying together. I think that’s so sweet. As the wife of an agnostic, that’d be quite the feat.

    However, this raises a good point for me. How CAN I rework that comma?

    For me, since my son tends to climb into my bed (effectively waking me up 30 minutes before my alarm), I can work a “Thank you, God, for my son” sorta prayer in there. That would likely be the best way for me to turn my thoughts where they should be.

    What a great reminder!

    I might end up blogging about this one myself. I love this! Thanks!

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    • Thanks, Gina. I fell in love with that little clock. If you (or someone you know) ever goes to London, there’s a little Beatles shop on the same block as the Sherlock Holmes museum. They had this little one, and a bigger one, too.

      Oh, and there’s google. Maybe you can order one? It is pretty awesome, not gonna lie.

      First of all – and I know you’re already doing this – keep praying for that husband of yours!!! Mine was agnostic until two years ago. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy (me praying it on my commute for him, daily!) was my go-to. That, and lots of offering things up for him and patience with him and his journey. I will pray for you guys, and I will ask St. Monica to pray, too!

      Your Comma Rework Game Plan sounds on target! I love that you’ll turn your focus onto the gratefulness for your son. I think that’s a wonderful baby step! Please let me know how it goes.

      Glad this post touched your heart. Let me know if you do post about it 🙂


  2. Okay, you just wrote out my morning routine! But, such a great starting point! To ditch the phone alarm! Must find an alarm asap. I think that really would make a difference since I obviously lack the discipline! *sigh* Thanks for sharing! PS love your clock!

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  3. Love This! My morning routine essentially looks like your morning routine. I have been trying so hard to leave to phone alone when I’m in bed, at night or in the morning- for my relationship with the Lord and my relationship with my husband! Why is it so hard to put the phone away? I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s struggling with this. You have encouraged my to keep up the fight!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Anna. I feel ya, girl! I started my experiment the day I wrote this post, and it has been life-changing!!! No more being tied to the phone, and as soon as I hear the BRRRRRRRING of the old-school alarm, my Guardian Angel immediately reminds me to pray my morning offering. Soooo mad it took me this long to figure it out. Best of luck wtih your own efforts!


  4. Years ago when my hubby was deployed, I too got accustomed to sleeping with the phone by the bed. After that was no longer an issue, my phone rests downstairs and waits for me till I am ready. You are right though, there is a huge temptation to catch up on all we missed overnight..happens to the best of us 😉 One thing I have found helpful is to pick a reading “Saint of the Day”, Minute reflection, or Loyola Press’s 3 min Ignatian reflection as my 1st go to phone click. As for a morning wake up call, we choose a watch alarm. I cannot go old school, because the bells leave me jittery all day…weird but true. LOL Thank you for linking up with us CTM! 😀


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