Our poop rug. I mean prayer rug.

I sat in my office this morning, wondering how Superman was faring at home.  When I had left the house, he was still sleeping, but I knew he hadn’t slept well last night.  So, I shot him a quick email while I was thinking about it.

Me:  “How are you feeling?”

I wasn’t prepared for his response.  Coffee ended up in my nostrils because I choked while I read his words.  I would print them here [in fact I had them typed up and ready to go], but I decided to spare the offending child the embarrassment in having this incident go down in internet infamy.  Suffice it to say that my dear husband, destined to become the patron saint of pooper scoopers, awoke to the Cautious Older Kid announcement that one of our Tiny People had pooped on the living room rug.

Prior to reading Superman’s desperate email, I thought my morning of trying to tame the overflowing email inbox was bad.  No really, it was overflowing so badly I was in ‘Mail Jail’ and couldn’t send or receive emails until I deleted some.  Still, can’t compete with having to deal with the poop on the rug.  He won today, and it wasn’t even 9am.

Speaking of rugs, I do have a point to this post.  Some folks have asked me what our daily family prayer life looks like.  Well, it actually involves our poop rug living room rug.

Le rug.

We pray night prayer together as a family.  We had the hardest time trying to herd the cats corral the kids in one spot, until one day I realized our area rug was a perfect visual boundary for them.  So now we gather each evening on our living room rug to pray together.  We start with what an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be, then the Guardian Angel prayer (with a special request that our angels chase away our bad dreams.)  Then we pray the St. Michael prayer.  Since Elizabeth is going to be making her First Reconciliation this year, we have also begun praying the Act of Contrition together.  [When the kids are all a bit older, I’d love to expand this part into a short examination of conscience.]  After these prayers are complete, each family member shares what they’d like for us to pray.  The answers are always great!  Well, and sometimes befuddling — Therese and HH keep asking to pray for someone named “Thomas,” though we really don’t know that many Thomases.  Thomii?  I have a strong suspicion we are actually praying for a certain Tank Engine named Thomas, but I really don’t want to know, so we just solemnly nod when Thomas gets added to the prayer intention list night after night.  We pray for all the clergy, especially priests, who have impacted our family in some way.  We often pray for our godparents and for family members.  Elizabeth likes to pray for her school administrators and faculty.  Lately, we have been praying a lot for the persecuted Christians throughout the world. We close everything out with a litany of all our family members’ patron saints, an idea which I shamelessly stole from another family.

So that’s the basic idea.  During the school year, we also try to remember to pray a morning offering together before everyone heads out the door.  In reality, we sometimes pray on the way to school.  Unfortunately, we weren’t so great with keeping this habit up during the summer.  We were too busy cleaning up poop on the prayer rug.

4 thoughts on “Our poop rug. I mean prayer rug.

  1. Our family prayer routine is very similar to yours! One time one of our boys ended his prayers with “ka-chow” like Lightnight McQueen. 😉


  2. We have tile. Easily wiped clean with no trace (hopefully) of the dastardly offense! Love your night prayer. Right now we pray our prayers in the trips’ room together before moving our oldest son to his room for story time. Sometimes it’s the two of us praying with the Trips jumping around in their bed, hitting the side of the crib, or whispering sweet nothings into a stuffed animal’s ear. Yay us!

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